Lip Extender Kit

Professional Semi Permanent Lip Extending System.

Full sensuous lips in a bottle.

Natural looking semi permanent liquid lip extending system.
This high tech kit. looks like you were born with sexy full lips.

Diva Lip File:
• Exfoliates lips
• Lip Extender line
• Extends natural lip line
• Lip Extender tint filler
• Fills in lips natural color
• Lip Expander Balm
• Adds a three dimensional color shine finish.


This unique Lip Extender Kit gives you full sensuous lips instantly. Professional results in seconds!
1) Use Extender Semi Permanent Lip Liner first, wipe the applicator tip on the outer edge of the bottle to remove excess liquid then line the lips to outside their natural edge, making the outline wider on the top and bottom. Follow your lips natural shape. Always start at center working your way out to the corner making sure it has symmetry and looks natural. This high tech product is all Natural made from fruit extracts and is Semi Permanent. This amazing product dries in 60 seconds, will not bleed, and stays on all day!
2) When dry, begin applying the Natural Semi Permanent Lip Extender Tint Filler.
Wipe tip on the outer edge of bottle to remove excess color. Completely fill in all the outlined area, top and bottom lips Always extend lip tint color making sure to fill in all outlined areas on lips. Applying more if deeper color needed. This is very important, because unlike regular lipsticks, Lip Extender Natural Tint Filler does not fade or come off, never leaving you with a give way gap. Lip Extender Tint Filler fills in your lips with a totally natural looking lip tint color. Sets in sixty seconds. If you want a super plump look & brilliant shine and moist lips apply the Mini Lip Balm. Simply beautiful lips!


Glicerin, citrus sinensis, thea sinensis, rubus idaeus, aqua, vaccinium myrtillus, prunus cerasus, aloe vera.


LEkit Diva 13 True Red
LEkit Diva 14 Hot Pink
LEkit Diva 15 Soft Pink
LEkit Diva 16 Soft Coral
LEkit Diva 17 Soft Red

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Lip Extender Kit